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I am so ticked by my sign offs for ttrpgs and stuff.

Yo it's Kappa, 'Christian' is okay too

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I feel like I don't use my catchphrase enough, mostly because I can't decide between "Hey, Babes, it's Basil!" and "It's ya boi Basil!" (The fun of gender and occasionally being down for using "boi" for myself and then sometimes running in the other direction, yanno?) "Babe" definitely fits me better, but then I wonder if I'm being too prescriptive towards others if I call them babes. Is that too much thinky thoughts?

Similarly, I guess my hashtag is like, part of my Twitter bio: "The Autistic Ace with 999 Luck", which references me being autistic, asexual, and absurdly lucky (seriously, take me to Vegas lmao). But is that too wordy? Should I make it smaller? Should I just use AutisticAce as a hashtag?

Usually in interviews, I describe myself as "the Super Hype Friend" or "100% Sincerity Mode", the latter coming from when I used to go to a lot of Twitch streams and hang out with people and ask sincere questions (which seems normal now that I'm older, but the space I was in was very "grouchy internet basement bros" lol)

Oh yeah! I've never been to a drag show, but my friend Xypher has! I've always wanted to go, since I know the FL scene (hey FL buddy!) is really great. I'll have to see if there are any in my city; I know Tampa was chock full of them. I miss my hometown lol.

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