This is a collection of the projects I’ve done for TTRPGs, board games, and video games along with samples of my creative writing and design.

Zine by Moonlight - Evil Hat Games
Writer, “Magic in the Closet”
Zine by Moonlight, is a collection of art, essays, fiction, and play advice inspired by Girl by Moonlight to serve as a companion to the game, full of inspiration and fresh perspectives to support you in building your own magical girl stories. 

Best of the Year 2023- Polygon
Contributor, featuring: What Dust Remains

Chefs de Partie - Taylor Navarro
Writer, “Buff and Braised Beef”

A co-operative minigame that can be used across different TTRPG systems (Blades in the Dark, D&D 5e, Lasers & Feelings, Fate Core)

The recipe I contributed was directly inspired by my favorite Vietnamese dish (but especially when my mom makes it!). The dish is a braised, caramelized pork with eggs that's sweet and umami and salty and fatty and delicious called "Thịt Kho" which translate to "Meat Stew" (t's also adjacent to "Chinese Red Cooked Pork 紅燒肉". And if you think this is delicious, just wait ‘til you see the other recipes!

this world is not yours - Press Pot Games
Writer, “Moonie’s Duplex”

A 1-2 player RPG zine about generations, change, and what you leave behind.

Danny wrote “Moonie's Duplex”, a multigenerational home in a vibrant immigrant neighborhood, full of community, love, and heartbreak. He does not shy away from the troubles immigrants face, while also crafting a tale that lets players explore what it's like living in a multigenerational community that's not separated by houses and yards.
It is a beautiful part of this RPG.

Tomb of Beast 3 - Kobold Press
Monster Designer, “Starving Specter”

A 424 page Dungeons & Dragons 5e monster supplement with 400+ monsters.

Starving specters have long, thin necks topped with multiple faces displaying agony, distrust, rage, grief, and torment. This appearance is said to come from years of being forgotten by loved ones, and they often inhabit cemeteries left in disarray or in long-abandoned places of violent death.
A starving specter can feed on the life energy generated when a nearby creature regains hit points, healing the specter. 
These specters carry a curse that fills those nearby with sadness, causing cursed creatures to have disadvantage on attack rolls.

Keystone: North America - Rose Gauntlet Entertainment
Marketing Manager, Kickstarter

Successful $90k+ campaign for a stunning animal/nature card drafting game.

Danny has been an absolute godsend for the Rose Gauntlet team. Danny has an extensive background in activism and board game content creation, which help guide our company every day. We can not think of anyone better to represent our values and champion our first game. Danny's tireless efforts to make Keystone: North American and Rose Gauntlet a Success has been humbling. We do not know what we would do without him!

All the Witches
Game Designer, Mechanics

Escape into a new world of magic and fantasy built by Queer/BIPOC creators.

All the Witches uses a deck of playing cards or tarot cards.
Players use numbered cards of these decks to determine the number of actions they have in each turn of comabt, the number of spells they can prepare each day, and the control they have over their magical power in certain circumstances within gameplay.
GMs will likewise use the numbered cards of these decks to control NPCs and enemies and will use the major arcana of a tarot deck for a numbe of important gameplay mechanics.

Himbo Harem Homicide
Writer, Dialogue/Narrative Design

A classic whodunit but with a harem of himbos - a puzzle game of deduction.

Below are samples of dialogue that showcases each of their hobbies, himbo-ness, and personality.

Akito: Did you know I've modeled before? It's pretty easy... all you have to do is be good at modeling!
Tevin: For the longest time, I thought MMA stood for "Massive Muscle Association".
Ansel: My brand is the 3 B's: Blonde, Buff, and Being able to afford sweaters for everyone who wants one!
Toby: Calisthenics are good but if you add cats for extra resistance, I call them "catisthenics"!
Rayan: I wonder if octopuses and spiders would be compatible... holding hands multiplied by 8 times the cuteness!
James: I like getting sweaty doing my weightlifting circuits, but a sweaty meat and cheese board is just out of the question.
Gus: Need help solving a murder? I can take a stab at it! … oh jeeze, did I misread the room again?
Ali: Here’s a fun factoid… did you know that clown fish don’t actually look like clowns?